England-Ireland-2014 Oxford Ridley Memorial

Ridley-Latimer-Cranmer Memorial

On our way back from Ireland we stayed the night in Oxford. That evening we went to the pub where Lewis and Tolkien and the Inklings used to meet. The next morning we did a self-guided tour (my favorite kind!) of part of the Oxford town and campus. While walking the main east-west street in fron of campus, where the "Eagle and the Child" pub was, we noticed a cool looking memorial and went closer to get pictures and investigate. Imagine my great delight when it turned out to be a memorial of Nicholas Ridley, Hugh Latimer and Thomas Cranmer. The spot were they were burned at the stake is very close. I am putting several pictures of the memorial below.


1) Memorial Sign (lowres , hires)
2) Ridley (1 of 2) (lowres , hires)
3) Ridley (2 of 2) (lowres , hires)
4) Latimer (lowres , hires)
5) Cranmer (lowres , hires)
6) Memorial (1 of 3) (lowres , hires)
7) Memorial (2 of 3) (lowres , hires)
8) Memorial (3 of 3) (lowres , hires)

The story of Ridley and Latimer is powerful. If you have never read it, a short version is here.

I pray that our Ridley and all our children and grandchildren will have a spirit like his!