Joyner Family Singing with Grandpa and Grandma - July 16, 1996


Singing (mp3 format)

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I found this on an old cassette tape and thought many of you would enjoy it. I love it! It was recorded on July 16, 1996. I guess Grandma and Grandpa were visiting us and we sat down to do some singing. I love it because Pam was always reluctant to have pictures, videos or recordings of her. So this is a delightful memory of her voice and laugh. It is delightful to me as just a wonderful family memory. It makes me cry tears of joy and yes, of sadness. But it also helps me to have a picture of what some of the joy of our eternal reunion in heaven will be like. I have put some specific moments with their times and a description of what is going on. Nat's voice hadn't changed yet, so I think he was helping Grandma and Mom to sing the soprano. Chrissy did mostly alto and other harmony. I love this tape!



Some Delightful Parts

Time Description
0-35 seconds
If you turn the volume up, you will hear Mom testing to see if the tape is working. You'll need to turn the sound back down for the rest of the tape. Its pretty funny, especially at about 20-35 seconds.
Chrissy giggling and saying, "That wasn't such a good idea after all!"
On this song (Without Him I Would Be Nothing), and on all the songs following, you can hear Mom, Grandma and Nat (this is before his voice changed) singing soprano.
When We All Get to Heaven
7:10 - 7:38
One of the best parts - Mom is talking and gets confused over some words and laughs her delightful laugh! You might want to turn the volume up to hear this part better.
Mom telling Nat what was so funny to her
Prince of Peace
10:31-10:37 and 11:31-35
Nat's Voice - "I remember it started with Wonderful"
13:32 - 13:35
Mom saying, "Get a book - Please!"
Nat saying, "Ruin it"
Nat saying, "What about me?" (he also needed a book!)
Jesus, Thy Name I love (Mom, Grandma and Nat singing soprano)



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