MAT 3353, Numerical Analysis (T/Th 1:00-2:15 Class), Fall 2012

Good Links

1. Course Syllabus

2. Miscellaneous Class Files

3. Good intro to Perl Link

4. Good Perl Reference Link (thorough but long)

5. Good Perl Link for short examples of specific commands


Homework Assignments

HW1: Work through the examples in lessons 1 and 2 from link 2 above. Write some small perl programs using the examples in the tutorial lessons. Due: Start of class on Tues, 9/4 --------------------------------------------- HW2: Write a fixed-point-iteration method in perl. We will use it to solve some equations in class on Thursday! The examples from today are up on the daily links in link 2 above. Due: Start of class on Thurs, 10/23 --------------------------------------------- HW3: Write a secant method in perl. Use your program to solve equations 4,5, and 6 from the Non-Analytic Equations handout. Non-Analytic Equations handout. Due: Start of class on Tues, 10/30 --------------------------------------------- Note: On all emails for this course, start the subject line out with MAT1311, followed by whatever else is appropriate. Emails without this subject line formatting may not be accepted!

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