MAT 3351 Intermediate Analysis, Fall 2017, T/Th 10:40-11:55, CAA 122

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Homework Assignments

================================================================================== HW1: R&S (Read and Study) Our text, pages v-vii (preface), and 1-4. Also look at these two links: link1 link2 Due: Start of class, Thursday, 8/24 ================================================================================== HW2: 0.1 (pg 27) #'s 1,2; Identify the definitions and/or theorems used in the text proof of Theorem 0.2, v. (Like I did with Theorem 0.1). R&S pgs 4-8. Section 0.1 for our text Due: Start of class, Tuesday, 8/29 ================================================================================== HW3: 0.1 (pg 27) #'s 1,2,4,finish adding reasons to Thm 0.2v (this will be picked up for a grade) Note: I made a serious mistake in assigning exercise 4. I misread the question! I did not want you to prove part ii of Thm 0.3, I wanted you to prove part ii of Thm 0.2! (My comments in class indicated this, but what a mistake! I am so sorry! I hope you didn't waste many hours on Thm 0.3ii!) Due: Start of class, Thursday, 8/31 ================================================================================== HW4: 0.1 (pg 27) #'s 3,5 (For problem 3, use the textbook proof of part Thm 0.2v as a guide and be sure to include reasons for each statement) R&S pgs 5-7. Due: Start of class, Tuesday, 9/5 ================================================================================== HW5: Do the Part 2 proof on slide 7 of the Set Theory Handout. R&S slides 1-16 on the Set Theory Handout. Textbook Exercise 9. Set Theory Handout I mentioned Fermat's Last Theorem in class on 9/3. Here is a good link giving more information about it Due: Start of class, Thursday, 9/7 ================================================================================== Our first test over Theorem 0.2 will be on Tuesday, 9/12 ================================================================================== HW6: Do examples 1-7 on this handout R&S pgs 5-8a of our text. Due: Start of class, Tuesday, 9/19 ================================================================================== HW7: Show that (5n + 3) / (n^2 + n) is a decreasing function. Due: Start of class, Thursday, 9/21 ================================================================================== ==================================================================================
The final exam for MAT3351.01 (meets T/Th 10:40) is on Thursday (12/7) from 3:15 - 5:15PM in this room. Bring your calculator (NOT a phone, ipad, android, or other internet capable device) and your study sheets.
================================================================================== Note: On all emails for this course, start the subject line out with MAT3351, followed by whatever else is appropriate. Emails without this subject line formatting may not be accepted!

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