Mat 1312.01 - Trigonometry, Fall 2018, M/W 10:40-11:55, NSRC 103

Good Links

1. Course Syllabus for T/Th 10:40 class (MAT1312.01)

2. List of Powers of Several Small Integers

3. Some Calculator Recommendations

4. Grade Estimator Tool

5. Textbook (pdf file)


Homework Assignments

HW0: 1) Download the textbook from link 5 above. 2) R&S (Read and Study) Chapter 7.1 (pgs 575-590) 3) Remember to dress up for the class seating chart picture on Wednesday! Due: Start of class, Wed, 8/22 ==================================================================================
The final exam for MAT1312.01 (the M/W 10:40 section) is on Wednesday (Dec 5th) from 10:00 AM - Noon in this room. Bring your calculator (NOT a phone, ipad, android, or other internet capable device) and your study sheets.
Note: On all emails for this course, start the subject line out with MAT1312, followed by whatever else is appropriate. Emails without this subject line formatting may not be accepted!

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