MAT 1311.04, College Algebra (Tue 6:00-9:00, NSRC 103), Fall 2019

Good Links

1. Course Syllabus for MAT1311.04 (the Tue 6:00 pm section)

2. List of Powers of Several Small Integers

3. Some Calculator Recommendations

4. Grade Estimator Tool

5. Textbook Download link (in pdf format)

6. Textbook Problem Sets Download link (in pdf format)

7. Textbook Practice Problems Set and Solutions Download link (in pdf format)

8. Textbook (Online Viewing)

9. Textbook Problem Sets (Online Viewing)

Files You May Want to Download for This Course
ItemFilenameURL for downloadHow I will refer to this file during the course
2Alg_Complete_Practice.pdf,9,PPractice Problems

Links to Files You Can View in Your Browser
ItemLinknameURL for viewingHow I will refer to this file during the course
4Complete Algebra Text
5Algebra Practice Problems with Solutions Problems

Homework Assignments

HW0: R&S (Read and Study) this link on properties of exponents. Due: Start of class, Monday, 9/3 ================================================================ Remember to dress up pretty for class on Monday for my seating chart pictures! ================================================================ HW1: Do problems 1-9 on this link on Integer Exponents. Do problems 1-6 on this link on Rational Exponents. R&S this link on radicals. Due: Start of class, Monday, 9/3 ================================================================ ================================================================ The final exam for MAT1311.04 (the Tue 6:00 - 9:00 section) is on Tuesday (Dec 10th) from 7:00 - 9:00 pm in this room. Bring your calculator (NOT a phone, ipad, android, or other internet capable device) and your study sheets. ================================================================

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