Mat 1316.01 - Business Calculus, Fall 2019, T/Th 8:30-9:45, NSRC 103

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1. Course Syllabus for T/Th 8:30 class (MAT1316.01)

2. List of Powers of Several Small Integers

3. Some Calculator Recommendations

4. Grade Estimator Tool

5. Homework Expectations


Advice because I love you like you are my own: You MUST be able to multiply and factor polynomials to succeed in this class! You must also be proficient with properties of exponents. If any of the problems on Factoring, or Simplifying give you trouble, then you need to spend some time right away brushing up your basic algebra skills. You can use the links below for practice.

Additional Algebra Practice Material: Adding and Subtracting Polynomials Multiplying Binomials with the FOIL method Multiplying Other Polynomials Factoring a difference of two squares Factoring Polynomials One Factoring Polynomials Two Factoring Polynomials Three Factoring Polynomials Four Factoring Polynomials by Grouping

Homework Assignments

The final exam for MAT1316.01 (the T/Th 8:30 section) is on Thursday (Dec 12th) from 10:00 - Noon in this room. Bring your calculator (NOT a phone, ipad, android, or other internet capable device) and your study sheets.
Note: On all emails for this course, start the subject line out with MAT1316, followed by whatever else is appropriate. Emails without this subject line formatting may not be accepted!

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