LCU Phone Set Brief Instructions

Directory searches on your iPECS phone.

Press the DIR button, scroll down to "View Station Name" or press 3 on your keypad.

Press the key on your keypad that corresponds with the first letter in the last name of the person you are trying to call then press the number corresponding to the position of the letter on that key.

For Example ...
Chap desk ...
C is the third letter on the 2 key. Press 2 and 3 for C
You can spell the entire word!
H is the second letter on the 4 key. Press 4 and 2 for H
A is the first letter on the 2 key. Press 2 and 1 for A
P is the first letter on the 7 key. Press 7 and 1 for P
At this point your screen should show entries starting with CHAP.
CHAP DESK 2(7105)

Note that Q is ignored on the 7 key so R it is the third letter on the 7 key

Q is 7* and Z is 9#
But we have no people whose last name starts with Q or Z

Voice Mail

If you have a voicemail message the red light on your iPECS phone will flash.
You can listen to the message by pressing the MSG button, then press "3" and then you will be asked for your password.

Your default password is your extension plus 1234

Example ...
ChapDesk Voicemail default password would be 71001234

If you wish to change your mailbox greeting or change your password you must logon to your mailbox by dialing 4950.
You will be prompted for your mailbox password.
To set your mailbox greeting dial8 and then 1
To change your password dial 8 and then 2

Your voicemail messages are delivered to your email address as well in the form of a .wav file. Double click the attachment to play the message on your computer. Messages emailed to your account are still on your iPECS phone and will remain there for 7 days.

Van Howell
Associate Director of Technology Operations
Lubbock Christian University