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If the calculator above isn't enough information for you, keep reading! Your grade for this course is calculated in the following method: The average of three grades (Final Exam, quiz average, and the highest of these two grades) is worth 90% of your grade. I double the highest of your Final Exam or the average of your quiz grades to reward hard work. Your attendance / participation grade is worth 10% of your grade. (See the formula below if it helps!)

Since the semester isn't finished yet, some of these grades have yet to be created. So use the worksheet below to estimate your grade, using different values for the final exam. Use your actual scores for the quizzes and mid-term. Use a general figure of a 90 for the attendance/participation grade. (If you have perfect attendance and have asked/answered questions in class, make it a 100. If you have many absences and have had no class participation, put a 50). When you have entered all the grades, along with a guess on what you might make of the final exam, press the "Calculate" button to see what you would get for your course grade. If you don't know your quiz grades, send me an email and I'll get them to you!

Course Grade =
10% * (Att/Part Grade) +
90% * (Final + Quiz-Avg + Highest of these two ) / 3

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Last updated on ... Oct 22, 2012

Created on ... Nov 18, 2009