MAT 4352 Numerical Analysis 2, Spring 2017, T/Th 8:30-9:45, CA 122

Useful Links

1. Course Syllabus

2. Homework Files

3. Example Files

4. HTML, CSS, and Javascript Reference (W3 Schools)

5. Good brief list of html/css fonts

6. Interesting note on the status of the Javascript ** operator.

7. numjs numerical library for javascript info page.

8. Possible excellent source for a Javascript Vector Graphics Library

9. Some more possibly good links

10. HTML Color Names

11. Presentation Files

12. Geogebra Download Page

13. GeoGebra Windows Portable Install file

14. GeoGebra Mac Portable Install file

Homework Assignments

HW0: Install the appropriate text editor from the links above on your computer. Bring your computer to class with you on Thursday! Due: Thursday, 1/12 --------------------------------------------------------------- HW1: Go through the W3schools html lessons, starting with the one on Colors. Send me an email when you have spent one hour on the lessons letting me know how far you made it. Do so again after the second hour. Due: Tuesday, 1/17 --------------------------------------------------------------- HW2: 1) Go through the four HTML Form Lessons. 2) Go through the Javascript Home, Intro, and Whereto lessons. 3) Write a small perl program to print the odd integers from 1 to 99 on a single line. Separate each integer with a comma. Name this program "". 4) Write a small perl program to evaluate the function f(x) = x^2 + 1 from x = 1 to 3, using a delta of 0.2. Put the output in columns, showing x , f(x). Name this program "". 5) Have the two perl programs ready to use on your computer for class Thursday! Due: Thursday, 1/19 --------------------------------------------------------------- HW3: Finish converting your program to a Javascript program named js-ex2.html. Email your program to me when you have it. Converting Perl to Javascript notes Due: Tuesday, 1/24 --------------------------------------------------------------- HW4: Skip the following Javascript Lessons: Syntax, Statements, Comments, Variables, Operators, Arithmetic, Assignment Go through the following Javascript Lessons: Output, Data Types, Functions, Objects Try to "redo" the lesson "Try It Yourself" examples using document.write in place of the document.Innerhtml method of output. Example js files shown in class today (operators, toPrecision, toFixed, Math.round(), tabs, document.write) Due: Thursday, 1/26 --------------------------------------------------------------- HW5: Example js files shown in class today (basic-input-output-form.html and pdf files showing various parts of the form) Notes from today's class: Link regarding the action="#" tag Better link regarding action="#" Due: Tuesday, 1/31 --------------------------------------------------------------- HW6: Modify your perl numerical derivative program to work right and look good using our cleaner3 form. Notes from today's class: Programs used in today's lecture (and the perl program for the HW) Due: Thursday, 2/2 --------------------------------------------------------------- HW7: Download this example of Javascript arrays Look carefully at the script in the html file to see the basic way that Javascript declares and uses arrays. Make a copy of the file with the filename david-arrays-example.html (replace david with your own first name). Add a function to add two one-dimensional arrays (vectors), say a and b, and display the result in a way similar to the rest of the displayed results in the program. Email your program to me. We will take this starting point in class on Tuesday and fly! (Be prepared to feel like you are standing at the bottom of Niagara Falls with your mouth open) Notes from today's class: Program used in our 2/2 (Thursday) lecture Due: Tuesday, 2/7 --------------------------------------------------------------- HW8: Make a copy of the 2d-arrays-start.html file and name it david-matrix-operations.html (replace david with your name). Add functions to add, subtract, and multiply two arrays, assuming correct dimensions will be given. Put some examples in your program demonstrating their use. Email your file to me before class starts Tuesday. Program examples from today's class (02/09). Your output should look something like this Due: Tuesday, 2/14 --------------------------------------------------------------- HW9: Create an html form to use for add/subtract/multiply two matrices and show the results. Program examples from today's class (02/14). Due: Thursday, 2/16 --------------------------------------------------------------- HW10: Add buttons for the following functions to our form we completed in class today: Buttons: Add, Subtract, Multiply, Clear A, Clear B, Clear C, Clear All Add the functions to your Javascript code to implement each button added. Program examples from today's class (02/16). Due: Tuesday, 2/21 --------------------------------------------------------------- HW11: Go through this introduction to the HTML5 Canvas Tool. Try making small examples of html files to demonstrate the various canvas drawing tools provided. Just inclose the author's small canvas scripts in a basic html file. Try to "play" with some of his examples to get the basic idea of working in the canvas environment. Program examples from today's class (02/23). Due: Thursday, 2/23 --------------------------------------------------------------- HW12: Add an eqTriangle(tx,ty,h) and an isoTriangle(tx,ty,h,base) function to our basic triangles example from our last class. Program examples from today's class (02/28). Due: Tuesday, 2/28 --------------------------------------------------------------- HW13: Create a page to show a 600x400 canvas that contains an x-y axis with coordinates (0,0) at the center (canvas coordinates (300,200) ). Use input textboxes on the right to allow the user to give the terminal point of a vector and draw the vector on the canvas. Name your function that draws the vector v. Expect it to have the two coordinates of the terminal point of the vector. Program examples from today's class (03/02). Due: Thursday, 3/2 --------------------------------------------------------------- HW14: Due: Tuesday, 3/7 --------------------------------------------------------------- HW15: Make this happen. Add form input and functions to allow the user to give vectors a and b and show the parallelogram. Add a basic identity transformation, if time permits! Due: Thursday, 3/2 --------------------------------------------------------------- HW16: Get Dr. Fisher's activities 1-3 working. Get started and do what you can on activity 4. I will see about adding an image to our matrices to see the effect of the transformation on it. My programs from today's class. Due: Tuesday, 3/21 --------------------------------------------------------------- HW17: Find potentially good sources for our 3d vectors/matrices Project Due: Thursday, 4/6 --------------------------------------------------------------- HW18: Write a program to create a single axes for drawing 3d vectors, including the third axis. Try to get add a variable in your global variables to adjust the angle of the third axis through the 2d y and z axes. If you can, draw a single 3d vector using appropriate transformations for our world-coordinates, 2d coordinates, and canvas coordinates. Here is a single canvas with the 2d graph to use as a starting place, if you wish to use it. Be sure to also download the blank-3d-axes.js file! Our summary of translation and rotations of the transformation matrix. Due: Tuesday, 4/11 --------------------------------------------------------------- hw19: Modify the 2d-animation-start.html file (here) to take an object in the original matrix (o) and animate the rotation. The external javascript for the axes is here (remember to rename the filename to blank-2d-axes.js after you download it). Due: Thursday, 4/20 --------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------- Note: On all emails for this course, start the subject line out with MAT4352, followed by whatever else is appropriate. Emails without this subject line formatting may not be accepted!

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