MAT 3306.01, Differential Equations, Spring 2019

Good Links

1. Course Syllabus

2. Superb Advanced Math CAS-Plotting Software (Windows Version)

3. Superb Advanced Math CAS-Plotting Software (Mac Version)

4. wxMaxima - The 10 Minute Tutorial

5. A Good Detailed wxMaxima Tutorial

6. Paul's Notes on Differential Equations (Our Textbook)

7. Link to an external WIMS server

8. Integral Tables

9. Common Derivatives and Integrals

10. Trig Identities

11. Homework Expectations


Homework Assignments

HW0: Read and Study (R&S) pgs 1-21 in Paul's Notes. Remember to dress up pretty for the seating chart pictures on Thursday! Due: Start of class on Thursday, 1/17 ===========================================================
The final exam for MAT3306.01 (the T/Th 2:40 section) is on Thursday (May 9th) from 7:45 - 9:45AM in this room. Bring your calculator (NOT a phone, ipad, android, or other internet capable device) and your study sheets.
Note: On all emails for this course, start the subject line out with MAT3306, followed by whatever else is appropriate. Emails without this subject line formatting may not be accepted!

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